Thursday, October 18, 2012


This post is old news. Soon after I published it in spanish, the entire world had access to fresh news. Digital imaging is changing as I write this short article. The reason for this newscast, is to let you know Digital Camera Adventures had reached the 37,000 viewed page mark. Since yesterday, over 300 readers viewed DCA in a single day. Now, this is something to celebrate, as in a year's time, Digital Camera Adventures has been growing very fast. Thanks to you all for visiting.

Yesterday I've got a report on the new HERO GoPro3 and it was love at first sight.
Imagine getting 4K video quality from a camera the size of two match boxes, glued  together back to back. It is capable of taking 12 pictures per second at 12 megapixels and HD 1440p/48 fps, 1080p/60 fps, 720p/120 fps, and 848X480/240 fps video like never before. To further its wonderful technology, it comes with its remote (It can work with up to 50 cameras at the time...An overkill, some will say NO WAY!) and WIFI capabilities. All of the HERO cams have APPS for IOS and Android to further increase your versatility in taking pictures, wirh remote viewing and triggering. If today's technology advances as it is, the merger of cellphones, tablets, still cameras and video cameras will become an every day thing. Without a doubt, having your own TV station, Ezine, Editorial, blog and web page is possible today. I know, there will be pressure from the current media morguls, but the rising Internet Morguls are here to stay, and with them, billions of customers with their full sales potential.

If anyone can sale a product at a dollar + Tax and place it in a billion people market, the possibilities are enormous.

So please check out the HERO GoPro 3 Video

I know, that you will be impressed.

Thank you for visiting, you are always welcomed!

Leopoldo "Leo" García

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