Saturday, January 21, 2012



In a global world, it is vital for any successful publisher to be covered by all existing media. Thus, Digital Camera Adventures, a blog, and Rio Verde, a natural history and explorations magazine of Venezuela, decided to make a joint venture, in order to publish, Rio Verde’s articles in the blog and make them available on internet for everyone to read and enjoy.

Rio Verde has, within its board of directors and staff, a well known group of people that includes: World renowned nature and social science researchers, seasoned explorers of uncharted places, nature film producers, travel show presenters, extreme sports record breakers, great photographers and the list goes on. They recognized the void, that exists in their respective fields of publications for the general public. They knew, that there were a lot of people hungry for easy to read information, in well-documented articles written in laymen’s language. Therefore, two years ago, they decided to pull together their resources and produce a magazine that would cover just that. In January, Rio Verde starts on their second year of publications and they decided to join forces with Digital Camera Adventures to cover a wider audience with the help of the Internet. Therefore, we aim to place a series of articles that should be interesting and hopefully accessible to all of our readers.

Digital Camera Adventures recognizes the honor and responsibility that Rio Verde’s directors and staff have place on DCA, by allowing the blog to publish their copyrighted works in a digital form and making them accessible, to all of our readers. In return, I am to become a contributor of Río Verde and Digital Camera Adventures will get articles published in the magazine, thus carrying our name into a well-accepted publication in the Venezuelan market.

It is, in this win/win startup, that 2012 will begin for all of us. So I like to thank DCA’s readers, Blogger, and Rio Verde Magazine for making this happen. Now, the challenge is reaching as many of you as possible and making you active participants in this new adventure. So don't hesitate to write us if you want to become part of the adventure.

Thank you for sharing, and I’ll se you all on the screen.

Best Regards
Leopoldo García-Berrizbeitia
Professional Naturalist and Photographer

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